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My name is Paul Tranter and I founded GAUK. We’ve grown and over the last couple of years have been diligently developing the platform guided by our users’ needs. We’re now on the brink of launching a completely new and upgraded service, and I’m reaching out to gather thoughts and experiences when it comes to hunting down the best deal on that product.

Your input is invaluable and by taking a few moments YOU can directly influence the direction of GAUK.

It only takes a minute I promise and there’s a great gift waiting…

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Product Search

How do you currently search for products?*

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How do you typically find the best deal on a product?*

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Which best describes the process of finding the best deal?*

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How important is price in your online purchase decision?

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How would you define 'the best deal?'

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How satisfied are you with the current options available for finding products?*

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What are the biggest challenges you face when searching for products online?*

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Have you encountered any specific frustrations with existing search engines or marketplaces?*

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Pricing Expectations
GAUK is exploring an advert free, Pay to Search business model.

Would you be willing to pay £5.00 to use software if it saved you £50?*

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How much would you be willing to pay for a powerful marketplace search engine?*

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Pain Points

Are there any specific features or functionalities you wish were available in product search tools?*

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Are there any particular industries or product categories where you struggle to find good deals?*

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What challenges do you face when comparing prices and features across different products or brands?*

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is GAUK set to launch?

We’re aiming for June with the launch of our first platform GAUK Motors

How does GAUK differ from traditional product search engines?

GAUK is an aggregation engine. General search engines operate on global algorithm which renders a list of links to websites and favours old data.  GAUK is an aggregation engine gathering specific data in real time. Machine learning and algorithms render actual products from multiple sources to compare. GAUK is curated by humans ensuring absolute relevance and accuracy in the results

Can GAUK search across multiple categories and industries?

Yes! The user will input their search query and GAUK will deliver the results in a ‘feed’ which is constantly updating. The user can set as many feeds as they wish with as much customisation as required.

How does GAUK ensure accuracy and relevance in its search results?

GAUK is unlike traditional search engines with their clunky algorithms. Humans decide what companies are featured and before they are added to search results undergo a through evaluation.  Only quality sources get in, meaning users will never need to spend hours sifting through old and irrelevant garbage!

Is GAUK’s product search tool customizable to individual preferences?

Yes! the user can set multiple filters to a feed from the general product to something highly specific.

How does GAUK address the frustration of manual and time-consuming product searches?

Once the user has set up a feed, GAUK will monitor 100s of websites in real time delivering those results. The user further refines the search by adding products to their wishlist where they can be compared and refined to guarantee the best product at the best price.

Can users expect any additional features or functionalities in GAUK’s product search tool?


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