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So You’ve Got a BIG Idea?
Now Who Are You Going to Trust To Develop it?

“I can vouch 100% percent for the service… the package is now so incredible I would not be without today … the team have added so much value … what they’ve developed is a total no brainer … Lastly the service is outstanding. Whenever I’ve had any questions support has come back super fast with answers to my queries.

Got a BIG Idea? Let’s Talk!

‘GAUK’ (pronounced gawk) … “That’s a weird name eh?”

It may be a bit of a learning curve to some but there’s an extraordinary amount of research and development that goes into an online business brand.

Remember when Skype came out? People weren’t sure how to pronounce that, or eBay, Facebook, Twitter or many of the other names that are now part of Internet vocabulary.  There’s an awful lot to think about when trying to come up with an online brand. henry-macfaddens-big-bad-building-supplies-at-new york.com may sound descriptive and quirky but it sure as hell isn’t memorable!

The process starts with a few simple questions:

  • Is it unique?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it invoke curiosity?
  • Does it differentiate you?
  • Does it aid recall of your proposition?
  • Does it convey your proposition?
  • Can it be registered as a trademark?
  • Will it engage your audience?
  • Can it support your positioning?
  • Does it establish your business’ personality?
  • Does it stand for something more universal than your product or service?
  • Has it any competition in the search engines?

And that’s just the beginning!


We’ve been rather prolific over the last twelve years, that’s the beauty of the Internet

Many propositions flopped, all made money and some were relatively successful, growing organically over time.

The Internet is my life and has been for nearly seventeen years. So now I would like to think we’re in a better position than most to evaluate any BIG Idea. We’ve got a well honed feel for what the Internet demands in its services and because of our successes are personally experienced in what’s required to take the BIG Idea to the next level.

But there’s more to it then simply having an idea.  We have to assess the competition, route to market, cost of programming and a whole lot more.  The BIG Idea may be to take on eBay, which just wouldn’t happen in a head to head race BUT, with a powerful Unique Selling Proposition, it may work.  Who would have thought Facebook would be the downfall of My Space at the height of its popularity? I now truly believe the mighty Facebook is ready to be knocked of its perch with the right proposition and backing.  So don’t be afraid to think REALLY BIG … We can handle it!

The GAUK brand refers to a network of niche search engines and means to ‘find it cheaper’. GAUK Auctions grew to become the UK’s largest specialist auction portal.  It has undergone various upgrades and recently a decision was made to become more specialised in each marketplace, splitting the site up by leveraging a powerful, efficient, and proprietary operating platform. One highly scalable, highly efficient business model.

ideaThese kinds of decisions and solutions can only be made through first hand experience in running a Web Business, by meeting the trials and tribulations thrown up on a day to day basis. The problems encountered on the battle field are simply not seen by a traditional Web Agency.

In the past we have entrusted projects (some rather expensive) to outsourced developers and as predicted, we’ve created huge demand. The visitors start to come, they tell their friends, who tell their friends.  The news starts to appear on Blogs, forums and article directories   We send out our mailings and advertise … only to watch in dismay as the whole thing fell apart.

A website can be built in a hundred different ways. The process was once described by one of my programmers as ‘being like an artist painting a picture, each has his own style and technique to create the same landscape.  Lined up each website will look exactly the same as the next’.

The new site may look clean and work well in testing BUT, put that site under pressure and code can rapidly begin to fail, break down or draw huge server resources.  After a while the server will crash and there’s absolutely nothing you can do other than to rewrite the code.

The question you have to ask yourself is: “how do YOU know the code your web agency hands over is good?”

You can’t ask another web agency because they’ll always tell you the worst case because they want the work!

The key is to get it right FIRST time and then manage growth … and what better way than to work with a team that walk the walk?

We’re NOT interested in taking your money for an endless round of web development and personal gain, and we’re certainly not interested in taking the heat when the budget runs dry.

We’re entrepreneurs (as I’ve said!) and driven by success!

If we think your amazing proposition is simply a non-starter we’ll tell you.  We can see where the traffic is trending and what searches your potential clients are making … if they’re not looking for your BIG Idea it may be because it’s new and they don’t know they need it yet … or they simply aren’t interested!

So take the first step … get in touch, IT’S FREE! … we’ll sign a confidentiality agreement and hopefully this will be the start of the next BIG Thing!


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