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These aren’t just beautiful websites! We build solid, practical, engaging solutions on time & ON BUDGET … for less than you imagine!

 Need a Beautiful, Practical, Website Design, But Unsure Where to Turn?

gauk media wordpress website designersNow there’s absolutely NO reason why any business should have to settle for a ‘second-best’ Web presence due to poor design and budget constraints … READ ON FOR FIXED PRICE PACKAGES!

“What’s so special about a gauk Media Best Web Design Package?”

There are two ways to build a website.

Web Development Option 1: Build it from scratch with a team of programmers.

Over twelve years of running our own business online we’ve pretty much seen it all! We’ve used more outsourcing services and been let down either on budget, time or simply quality of code more times than I wish to remember.

There are many ways to build a website.  Line several up and they all look the same however, as a programmer eloquently put it, “different artists can paint the same subject in many different styles. Each will achieve the same objective, a nice painting of a tree for instance, but each has their own individual style.”

fixed pricesThe problem is there are better ways than others to programme a website … And how are you ever going to know if you’ve got a good one? The sad fact is that you won’t until something breaks and it invariably does at the worst possible moment, right as you’ve launched a major promotion and people are flocking to your domain!

Then there are more subtle issues. Our busiest website, the UK’s largest auction search engine, one that we’ve invested many tens of thousands of dollars into, recently dropped right out of Google search results.  For years we had been at the very top of listings for many searches, then overnight Google in their infinite wisdom, changed their algorithm (the formula for ranking websites). They caused uproar as thousands of excellent websites dropped out of the search results … and we were kicked out into the wilderness too!  It was like lifting a shop out of the busiest Mall and dropping it in the Gobi desert! After much research and without getting technical, we discovered this was due to the way the site was built and the issues were as a direct result of bad programming.

Eventually, after so many costly disasters, we decided to bring our programming ‘in house’ and this has been very successful.

We now have the confidence to offer bespoke options for larger projects

Web Development Option 2: WordPress

gauk Media Best Website Design Package Offers Elegant Solutions For a Lot Less Than You Think!


1 in 6 Websites in th eworld are now build on the WordPress platform

Because of the issues we encountered with various web agencies we decided to look at the alternatives, for fresh, powerful, reliable software … and were delighted when we found a surprising, mature and stable solution.

The answer came in the form of what’s known as a Content Management System (CMS).  This gauk Media site is built on it and once set up is infinitely customizable and editable.

If you can type, you can use this system … without the need for more expensive programming or having to come back to us every time you want something changed!

What’s surprising is that we’ve been aware of the platform for years as it’s largest, self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. The exciting evolution for us and those wanting something that won’t break is that it can be modified to support a fully functional website.

The architecture (the code that normally breaks when lots of visitors use a site) is the most robust, reliable platform on the Internet. The core code is part of an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of highly qualified programmers all over the world working on it since 2001. As we’ve discovered it can now be used for anything from your dog’s home page to a Fortune 500 web site … many of our own sites are built on this framework.

It gets even better!

Because the architecture is taken care of, we can concentrate on the look and feel of the website design. Thanks to a huge catalogue of stunning templates that are then customised, we are able to overlay beautiful interfaces and features onto the code.

The system is modular and the combinations are limitless (you never have to worry about a duplicate of your great site popping up!). With hundreds of bolt ons and plug is, many of which we programme ourselves as our businesses evolve, so the system is infinitely expandable.

  • Want to display video? Just activate the plug in
  • Want to show a gallery of your work, click the activate button
  • Want to add a product  … easy!

Read on to discover more about the process for your new website.  Everything is managed via our Project Development Software so you can interact with the process and know exactly which stage you are at all the way through.

A Sexy New Domain or Put a Better Website on Your Existing One!

choosing a good domainYour domain (URL or Website name) is vitally important and the first step for anyone starting a business on the Internet. Your domain name is not only seen in search engine results, it helps form the first impression for strangers about you and your business. You need to give this some real thought.

Consider whether or not your name says anything about your business as this is something the search engines look at. There was a lady who had a business named Heather’s Feathers. So, what do you think that this business sold? Feathers? Birds? Bird products? Nope, it sold emu oil. And Heather was her 4 year-old daughter’s name. Consider what you would think of when you see your business name.

If the name that you want is not available as a .com, take look at the .com site before you choose .net, etc. People think “.com” first, which is why good ones are so valuable. If people are looking for you and put .com in by mistake, you sure don’t want them to end up at a competitor or worse!

It is highly likely that you have a name, brand or company in mind … something catchy, perhaps? A domain name needs to not only have relevance to you but should also reflect what you do … it also has to be memorable, formed properly and amongst other things, take into account your geographical location.

And if that’s not all, it needs to be unique, not infringe on trademarks, not be filled with-dashes_underscores and mispelleed wrds … and on top of that, it needs to be available!

You are going to have to live with your choice of domain names for a long time. Take your time and choose wisely.

If you have a domain already we can happily host it for you (See Hosting Packages) or you can supply the FTP (server access codes) and we can install your Best Web Design Package.

Included as part of the package is the facility for up to help you choose your name and register it for you.  We’ll make three suggestions or you can research and choose your own and we can help advise. The package includes a .com name registration (other domains eg .tv .org etc may incur a small surcharge as they cost more).

With the Best Website Design Package you’ll be sure you get the very best advantage by leveraging a well thought out, relevant domain name.

YOU Are in Control!
About Content Management Systems…

gauk best web designThe biggest issue many companies overlook once their site is delivered from outsourced programmers, even if it’s on time and on budget, is that when staff want to make changes, even to change a headline, they have to go back to the web agency … and guess what? They don’t work for free!

I did a quick calculation and out of the hundreds of thousands of dollars we’ve spent with web designers over the years, probably 60% has been ‘wasted ‘on changes, tweaks, bug fixes, investigation and so on. Ok, that pesky bug may well be down to the programmer overlooking something, but in my long experience he’ll baffle you with tech-talk and it’ll never be their fault!

When researching our own web solutions we looked at a number of options and came across  several web agencies that have programmed their own Content Management Systems (CMS).  These are basically admin areas that let you edit certain pages within the website.  There are some very good ones out there, but they have their limitations and when you want something that isn’t set up in the CMS … guess what? YOU get charged for them to do it!!!

About WordPress CMS

The CMS we now use is part of an Open Source project that has been running since 2003.  An Open Source code allows programmers from all over the world to contribute and test.  There are many famous examples, like Firefox browser, Notepad on your computer and even operating systems like Linux.  There are hundreds of top programmers working on an Open Source project at any time and a Web Agency just can’t compete.

The best part is that there are also thousands of programmers developing plug ins that work like apps on your phone … so when you want to add functionality to your new gauk Media website there’s usually a very cheap solution.

Once set up our CMS allows the user to edit almost any part of their site. And because the underlying code is so well written bugs are automatically resolved.  The open source architecture is constantly updated with better and new releases taking care of all the issues normally encountered during a website’s life.

Once your Best Website Design Package is delivered, everything will be set up for you. Whenever you want to make changes, edit something, add images or change the whole look and feel of your site, simply log in.

ANYONE, even those without the slightest hint of programming experience can manage their website through a very simple, intuitive control panel …

If you can type a Microsoft Word document you can:

  • Add new pages
  • Edit existing pages
  • Alter the navigation
  • Add images
  • Add video
  • Add products to a portfolio
  • Add images to the slide show
  • Add a gallery
  • Update prices
  • Update your catalogues
  • Add latest news
  • Add to your company Blog
  • Change colours
  • In fact you can change the whole look and feel of the site in minutes.

Your new gauk Media Best Website is limited only by your imagination!

Be Found in The Search Engines

seo wordpress pluginsNo one can second-guess Google and I can absolutely guarantee that no web agency has the ability or technology to get a site to the top of Google rankings for popular searches … all we can do is our best to conform with webmaster guidelines!

Google love well-thought-out, easy to navigate, customer-friendly websites and they’ll love YOUR WordPress site too!

Google’s algorithm (the formula for showing websites in their search) is now so sophisticated that it can look into the very core of a domain and rewards high quality architecture … gauk Media Websites are built on the very best so are rewarded with much better rankings than even busier sites in the same marketplace.

But we go further!

Each Best Web Design Package comes pre-installed with a very sophisticated Page Optimisation plug in. Getting your website found in Google (because it’s the only one that matters) is a science and often black art!

However, your Best Web Design Package gives you an extreme advantage in that it will analyse each page you create on the fly and make simple suggestions as to what the search engines look for.  This website uses the Plug in and as I am typing this page I can see the suggestions, I simply fill in simple forms to ensure this page is the very best it can be. If you were a programmer you could look into the code of this page and you would see that everything is in a compliant format.  The page title and description (only viewable for search engines) contain ‘Best Website Design’ as a ‘keyword’ because this is what people search for and is what I want to target. There aren’t too many keywords in this page just enough to make it relevant, and for it to be ranked by Google etc.  All of the images are resized and optimised for better page loading speeds, each image has a tagged description … None of this is important however, because you just need to follow the recommendations!

As part of the package we will even submit your domain to the top search engines and directories.

gauk Media Best Website Design SEO Plug ins take care of each page you publish, ensuring the best chance of being found on Google.

Track Visitors, Sales and Profit Margins (ROI) With Built in Google Analytics

You will need to set up your own Free Google Analytics account (we show you how).  You then send us the short snippet of code (or we can get it) and you will then get access to ‘real-time’ statistics for every element of your website.

google analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most sophisticated tracking software available today and reports everything you could ever need:

  • Gain insights that matter: Google Analytics not only lets you measure sales and conversions, but also gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back.
  • Analysis Tools: Google Analytics is built on a powerful, easy to use, reporting platform, so you can decide what data you want to view and customize your reports, with just a few clicks.
  • Content Analytics: Content reports help you understand which parts of your website are performing well, which pages are most popular so you can create a better experience for your customers.
  • Social Analytics: The web is a social place and Google Analytics measures success of your social media programs. You can analyze how visitors interact with sharing features on your site (like the Google +1 button) and engage with your content across social platforms.
  • Mobile Analytics: Google Analytics helps you measure the impact of mobile on your business. Additionally, if you build mobile apps Google Analytics offers Software Development Kits for iOS and Android so you can measure how people use your app.
  • Conversion Analytics: Find out how many customers you’re attracting, how much you’re selling and how users are engaging with your site with Google Analytics’ range of analysis features.
  • Advertising Analytics: Make the most of your advertising by learning how well your social, mobile, search and display ads are working. Link your website activity to your marketing campaigns to get the complete picture and improve your advertising performance. More about Google Analytics
Your Best Website Design package includes Google Analytics so you can manage growth like a military operation.

Automated Site Mapping and Creation

site map includedGoogle now requires that websites publish a Site Map.  This is basically an easy to follow list of links that allows users and search engines better access the valuable content on your website.  Your Best Web Design Package will include a Site Map ensuring a better user experience and you get a nice pat on the back from Mr Google!

As you create more pages and your site grows then the Site Map feature AUTOMATICALLY adds those pages and links to the Site Map page so it’s something you never need to worry about.

Communicate With Customers by Adding News and Updates Through Your Company Blog

includes blogYes! Your Best Web Design Package includes a company Blog.  Just log in and add anything you like.

So what is a Blog and why are they good?

Blogs are better than good for business, they are amazing!

Blogs are something that everyone hears about and everyone is talking about. but not everyone knows what a Blog is!

Here’s the Wikipedia definition: A Blog (a portmanteau of the term web log) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).

Roughly translated it means that you can post relevant content to a page and people can come and comment on it.  The posts are indexed, searchable and collated in categories. Here’s our Blog. If you use the Internet you’ll have seen them everywhere as they are now extremely popular.

More recently businesses have begun using them as a marketing tool. Here are six good reasons why your Best Web Design Package includes a Blog and why it’s good for business.

  • Increase Traffic to Business Sites: Blogs are loved by search engines including Google as there’s usually a community gathering around them. Run properly, they are an affordable way to attract new users to your business website.
  • Establish Your Business: Blogs are a great way to let consumers know what your business is up to and promote the products and services you have on offer. They’re also a demonstration that you are a leader or expert in your field. Businesses can reach thousands and even millions of people as their Blog becomes authoritative, gets shared on the ‘Blogosphere’ and popular.
  • Speak Directly to Your Clients and Potential Customers: It’s not always easy or website friendly to fit everything you need to say on a single page. Often there are things that are fleeting, such as news or stuff that needs, more in-depth information. Blogs are simply a great way to speak to people!
  • Promotion, Promotion, Promotion: Advertise upcoming sales and events. Blogs have proven time and time again to be a great marketing tool. When it comes to alerting people of special news, what’s new in your company and new services your business is offering, there in no better solution.
  • Support Services: Blogs are an excellent resource for customers when it comes to critical customer support. Most consumer poles put Customer Service at the very top of the list. Post solutions to common problems and provide a way for consumers to get reliable help fast.
  • Create a Community and Group of Followers: People can follow Blogs in a number of ways and there are hundreds of directories that you can submit to so your posts are widely read. Consistently posting reliable and pertinent information on your business can lead to a large group of followers. People will continue to turn to your business for the right information. Followers also lead you to other followers, popular Blogs become more popular and are ranked higher in the search engine results.

In short, a well run Blog can provide new leads and opportunities for your business.

As gauk Best Web Design Package platform was primarily designed for Blogging it is exactly what you need to take care of this feature.

gauk Media Support

supportWeb agencies rarely offer a support package which makes economic sense really. If they tell you how to do their job they’re doing themselves out of work!

Traditionally, if you want a change on your Website you would need to get in touch with the designer (during work hours!) and wait as his work queue whittles down to your small but highly important job.  A simple task could take days.

Your Website should work for YOU, not make you a slave to it.  You have a business to run and certainly don’t need to be spending hours working out how to add a web link or something as trivial.

gauk Best Web Design Package is designed to put YOU in control so we offer the most comprehensive support available, empowering you to make even large, dynamic changes on the fly.

  • When you order a Best Website Design Package it comes with full documentation on how to manage your site
  • It comes with video instructions
  • There is a thriving community support forum for the software
  • And if all that’s not enough the package comes with 3 months gauk Media email support for any obscure questions

In short we are here to help you build YOUR business.  If something is a little hard to grasp (as often they are), someone will spend however long it takes on the phone and talk you through it.  We can even share our screens with you so you can see what we’re doing … from the other side of the world if necessary!

Reliable, Dependable Hosting …
24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

Once your website is handed over you need to be able to sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that it’s doing the job it was designed for.

Our hosting packages compete on quality not price.  Most hosting companies will put as many websites on a server as it can. Makes sense to them as they maximise their revenue.  However, if one site goes slow or worse, they are blacklisted for spam … it affects the whole server including YOUR site.

Gauk only host their own businesses and selected clients.  You can be guaranteed that you’re in great company and running smoothly!

All our websites are hosted on dedicated servers at state-of-the-art data center facilities. With 100,000 servers under their management, our data center company is the largest privately held Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider in the world, with 25,000 leading-edge customers ranging from technology startups to global enterprises.


As your website grows the hosting services can grow with you ensuring an uninterrupted user experience.

And it gets better still!

We employ full-time, dedicated server technicians to run our own Web businesses and as part of your Best Website Design Package they are made available to ensure any issues on clients’ servers are dealt with immediately and efficiently.

Our proprietary ‘Server Watch’ software monitors every aspect of the servers  from speed, load, visitors, hackers and a myriad of other potential threats … if there’s the slightest hint of a problem alarms go off everywhere and emails are instantly sent to several destinations.

We even provide a service whereby our technicians physically go into your website and update it to the latest version with security patches and anything else that’s needed.  You’re always running with the very latest technology.

Now all this may seem a little over the top and sounds like it should come at a hefty price … read on!

This is Probably The Best Website Design Package Available on The Web … “Sounds Expensive!”

the best web packageIf you’re in the market and shopping around DON’T judge gauk Best Website Design Package on price alone and don’t be seduced by web designers who’ve never made a penny cent of their own online!!!

Factor in that selling these packages is a sideline for us and as online business owners, this is the package we use. We’re out there on the front line and we’re confident that after years of breaking just about everything out there, this is the most professional, quality, all round amazing Web Business set up you can buy.

This is EXACTLY the same business model we employed to turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year … and it hasn’t missed a beat.

We know it’s competitive and we’re confident it’s as good as it gets … Don’t make the mistakes we did!

You don’t have to and it’ll only cost YOU dearly in the long run!!!

So if you’re looking to set up a web business or want a better solution, STOP looking around and order your Best Web Design Package for the very best online business model and for peace of mind whilst you get on with marketing, admin, customer support etc.

We believe this Web Design Package is the VERY BEST available today. Take a look at this gauk Media site – The Best Web Design Package includes many of the features:Step 1: We require a 50% deposit to begin work on your Best Website Design Package. (Balance on delivery)

  • Step 2: We will supply a choice of 3 beautiful concepts to suite your marketplace*
  • Step 3: You will supply the content (company logo, copy & images) for each page (we can help with this) Package includes pages above. Additional content and development charged at our hourly rate
  • Step 4: Delivery will include all log ins, and support documentation & videos. 
  • Delivery: We will endeavor to deliver your Best Website Design Package within 1 week***
  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure you understand exactly what this package includes.  It is extremely comprehensive and designed for the client to take the reigns once delivered.  We do not supply or create content with this package.  We are happy to do so but it is covered separately Copywriting Services

Just $2497 Investment in

Your Online Solution

*We’re confident that you’ll be more than pleased with at least one of the concepts but if not, we’ll work with you to get a great design suitable for your marketplace.

**The Best Web Design Package and set up includes and gives access to enough features and plug ins to suit most needs however, we also offer customisation at our standard hourly rate.  For further add ons such as the Shopping Cart Solution Please visit our Online Shop Solutions page

***Once we have all the information collated we’ll be ready to go. We will move heaven and earth to fulfil the Best Website Design Package within seven working days.  If we can’t we will let you know during the seven day period and give a guaranteed delivery day and providing the delay is under our control, we’ll also give you the opportunity of requesting a full refund, but hope you’ll bear with us 🙂

**** Although we highly recommend you host on our servers for a number of reasons we can install on your server if you so wish. If you choose to take this route our delivery time guarantees do not apply. We are not responsible for delays with server configurations or anything whatsoever regarding your hosting solution.

*****Domain registration included.  The package includes a .com name registration (other domains eg .tv .org etc may incur a small surcharge as they cost more). Standard domain registration and hosting fees apply thereafter. Hosting & Registration Fees | Web Development Terms