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SUPERCHARGE Your Sales & Conversion Rates by 100%, 200% or Even a Staggering 500% With The RIGHT Headline!

OR …

We Offer a Great Copywriting Service And We’ve Been in Business For Twelve Years…

  • Which headline grabs your attention?
  • Which is more engaging?
  • Which one persuades you to read on?

We don’t write website copy, we create powerful ‘Sales Funnels’

copywriting servicesThere appears to be a convincing argument in the Websphere of late that buyers no longer read page content … apparently, they buy with their eyes. Now to me this seems like a very good excuse to create a nice piece of art!

As someone who has carved a relatively comfortable living as an Internet Marketer since 2003 it comes as a bit of a surprise that pretty pictures outsell good sales copy. And as you’ve read this far into the gauk Media website I will presume it’s because you’re interested in expanding your current business online or considering building a Web Business … is it safe to assume that?

Ok, well in my experience, a glitzy, flashy website most certainly does not mean more sales … in fact the opposite can often be the case. A website designed purely for its esthetics can often block or hinder the flow through what I call the ‘Sales Funnel’. Now that isn’t to say that you don’t need a beautiful, efficient, professional website … you do!

What I’ve found through setting up hundreds of sales funnels and selling tens of thousands of ‘widgets’ is that there’s a lot more to the Online Business than looking good … and compelling copywriting is absolutely fundamental!

So let’s examine your choices and why you should use us!

Now before I go on I want to make one thing perfectly clear and I hope it’s something you’ll appreciate.  Although I have written thousands upon thousands, even millions of sales words and sold several million dollars worth of ‘things’ … I must confess that I’m not in blessed with a gift of foresight, am not in possession of a magic formula and certainly can’t guarantee the winning headline until I test it in the battlefield!  Sure, I have a good grounding and I can write a pretty convincing argument but until I put it out there, I have no idea as to how it will be received.

You see, it’s the customer that tells us what they want!

effective sales copywritingSo we research, we write, we create the very best sales funnel possible based on our wealth of knowledge in this highly specialised area … then publish it and see how things go.

‘What’s a Sales Funnel?’… you’ve probably been asking. A sales funnel is a business tool designed to drive visitors to a pre-determined conclusion. It may be that you want them to opt-in to your newsletter list, you may want them to take a survey, you probably want them to buy something.  Whatever your goal, the funnel works to gently shepherd your visitor along the path. Clear goals and considered navigation combined with an attention grabbing headline and structured copywriting will help achieve that outcome.  Now we’re not talking New York Best Seller stuff, War and Peace or Lord of The Rings.  Good sales copy simply needs to get the message across in a light, sometimes humorous, always convincing way.

A good sales funnel is a world apart from the passive digital brochure many companies publish. A competent sales funnel will draw in the reader, often touch on and empathize with their issues, present the proposition, detail just the right amount of information, provoke some kind of reaction, have a strong call to action and of course, fulfil the objective.

We own a villa in Cyprus and since our move to New Zealand have rented it out. We placed it on the popular holiday portals and have been booked solidly with yet more bookings coming in for next year.  Having seen how we marketed and the interest we generated, the owners of the neighbouring villa decided to rent theirs also.  Now I must stress the villas are identical, yet despite advertising theirs in the same media and severely undercutting our prices, they have had only one booking! … and this I attribute to my sales experience.  If you compare our listings I publish a ‘long copy’ comprehensive, professional overview … our neighbours don’t.

View The Villa Sales Page

Here’s a perfect case in point I discovered when researching this particular gauk Media copywriting service. I investigated the major services here in New Zealand and the following is from one of the biggest. Bear in mind that this company is offering a service that is supposed to have a dramatic effect on YOUR business. As a Web Agency, they’re promoting themselves as an ‘authority’ and charge you a not inconsiderable sum for their copywriting talents:

‘Copywriting Services

  • Overview: Writing effective web copy can make a substantial difference to the success of your website. With hundred of competing sites, you must capture their interest in seconds then retain it by providing the outcomes the seek. To get web copy that works we can provide an experienced copywriter who will write your main index pages One of our copywriters will meet with you to gain insight to your business and your site before preparing a first draft. This is followed by two revisions.’

Here’s another from a top USA Web Agency:

  • Struggle with copy? Utilise our expertise to convey your message. Copy writing can be a minefield – establishing what to say and in a way that sounds articulate and gets your message across. With our experience, we can help with copy writing for your project to ensure you communicate the right message to your client. From websites to large brochures, even straplines and slogans, we are here to help.

Are you convinced? Would you take action? Would you be reaching for the credit card to order?

Writing for Robots

I’m sure I don’t need to convince you of the importance of a website sitting at the top of search engine results. The ability to rank highly will transform any online business.

Going back to my earlier point about people buying with their eyes. Yes, this is true to a large extent these days. However, the likes of the omnipotent Google can’t make decisions about their website rankings based on images alone. Google send out digital spiders that crawl every website on the Internet daily and they not only read each word, they are so sophisticated that they can put each into context. And this brings me to the key element in copywriting for the Web. Not only should the pitch cater to the human, it must also be ROBOT friendly!

All things being equal and with hundreds of competing sites calling for your visitors’ attention Google will favour the website with the most rounded, robot-friendly copy. Now I won’t go into this in any depth as it’s a complex area and I would imagine it wouldn’t interest you in the least. Writing for robots involves boring stuff like keywords (in this case ‘copywriting service’, which is liberally spread throughout the page), keyword density, anchor text, relevant linking, meta tags, content duplication … bla bla bla!

The point is, that if you’re going to choose a copywriting service, and if you take business seriously (I highly recommend that you do) … why would you choose one where the writers have no concept of making money online?

When you order a Best Copywriting Service from gauk Media, you’ll not only get a professionally written page that caters for humans AND robots, you’ll tap into our vast experience of creating highly optimised, high converting sales funnels. We will assess your goals and objectives and consider the various options, crafting a solution to the problem. For example, do you need a short copy ‘Landing Page’ with very few words and a laser focus on the unique selling proposition, or does the subject require a longer explanation?

And once we’ve mapped out a ground-breaking strategy designed to Supercharge Sales By 500% … we’ll let the visitors decide if we we’re on the mark!

And here’s the call to action!

Order our Best Copywriting Service as part of a Best Web Design Package or as an enhancement to your current property and we’ll:

  • Consult and assess the project as a whole and make recommendations
  • We’ll research your marketplace and suggest the most relevant keywords
  • Prepare a first draft to include two headlines and up to standard A4 of copy content OR
  • Depending on the circumstances, prepare an effective short copy Landing Page
  • Followed by two revisions
  • Followed by a further revision after two weeks to see if it needs further refinement

Now all this may seem a little over the top and sounds like it should come at a hefty price … read on!

This is Probably The Best Copywriting Service Available on The Internet … “Sounds Expensive!”

the best copywriting packageIf you’re in the market and shopping around DON’T judge gauk Best Copywriting Service on price alone and don’t be seduced by developers who’ve never made a penny cent of their own online!!!

Factor in that selling this service is a sideline for us and as online business owners we’ve tested every element of the Sales Funnel. We’re out there on the front line and we’re confident that after twelve years of successful selling, this is the most professional, quality, all round amazing Web Business set up you can buy. This is EXACTLY the same business model we employed to turn over hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year … and it hasn’t missed a beat.

We know our copywriting service is competitive and we’re confident it’s as good as it gets … Don’t make the mistakes we did! You don’t have to and it’ll only cost YOU dearly in the long run!!!

If you’re looking to set up a web business or want a better solution, STOP looking around and order your Best Web Design Package including our Best Copywriting Service for the very best online business model and for peace of mind whilst you get on with marketing, admin, customer support etc.

We believe this is the VERY BEST copywriting available today. Take a look at this gauk Media site … it’s a very effective sales funnel!


buy best copywriting service


  • Consult and assess the project as a whole and make recommendations
  • We’ll research your marketplace and suggest the most relevant keywords
  • Prepare a first draft to include two headlines and up to standard A4 of copy content OR
  • Depending on the circumstances, prepare an effective short copy Landing Page
  • Followed by two revisions
  • Followed by a further revision after two weeks to see if it needs further refinement