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GAUK search results are pure and organic. You set custom search rules, GAUK provides the data. You make the best decisions from your shortlisted data

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We make sure you get the best deal possible. Data from hundreds of websites is easily curated in My Garage

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MOTORPEDIA brings you the most beautiful and comprehensive source of vehicle information and build data on the plantet. Probably every vehicle manufacturer from around the world with almost every model ever built.

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Rare and Classic Cars From Across The Country

The classic car market has out performed traditional investments over recent years. From barn finds to concourse, trailer queens. Custom search feeds and alerts ensure you have the best chance to track down that perfect ride.

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More Vehicles

GAUK has developed powerful aggregation software that is monitored by real, live humans and only sources clean data.

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Search ALL vehicles coming up for auction at the country’s leading sale rooms.


Each day we gather up-to-the-minute information from multiple car classifieds websites across the internet.


Search, save and compare car dealer vehicles across the entire UK.

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