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If My Recommendations Fail to Grow Your Online Business By 10% (at the very least!) … Don’t Pay Me!

When it comes to online business development think BIG and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.

  • 90+ million unique visitors per month
  • 100+ websites
  • 98% of visitors are from organic (non-paid) sources

    Read on and I’ll tell you how

I have owned several traditional businesses in the past including a yacht charter company, a catering business, a direct mail operation, even a Pub and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing has the potential of the Internet. A couple of spotty kids can set up a site and in a couple of years exit pocketing a billion dollars! (You Tube for example).  And what about all the $multi-million exits that don’t make the headlines happening on a daily basis?

Yet the vast majority of traditional business owners struggle to compete for every last customer in a small, local market. They spend tens of thousands on systems, signage, transport, stationary, offices, staff, accounting general expenses etc, etc … and totally ignore the largest source of customers on Earth!

Please take some time to browse through the gauk Media site and consider, very carefully each service we offer because if you’re serious about expanding online you not only need all the elements in place but you absolutely require the very best of each …  Read on and see how we can help with your Online BUSINESS!

gauk media office

A successful Web Business will deliver useful content or the right product at just the precise moment the buyer needs it

Hi There,

I’m Paul J. Tranter and with a hint of modesty would say I’m probably one of the most successful Internet Marketers you’ve never heard of!

For the last fifteen years I’ve quietly travelled the World and relentlessly got on with the business of doing business on the Internet.

Locally, in the Ruby Bay where I’ve finally settled I’m known as ‘the bloke with the flash cars’ (or sometimes just the flash git!) and when people ask what I do for a living, I reply with “I run a number of websites”. As well as being an habitual conversation killer … it’s not strictly true!

What I actually do is run a diverse portfolio of ONLINE BUSINESSES … a subtle but extraordinary difference.

You see there are millions of companies online that claim to have a website, when what they publish is little more than a self-serving digital brochure proclaiming ‘what a wonderful company we are’.  When I talk about an online business I refer to what can best be described as an enigma, a series of binary codes that are capable of reaching out to a virtual audience, engaging with them, conversing with them, fulfilling their needs and ultimately taking payments and serving orders … a system that literally appears to generate business from the ether.

I recently enjoyed an amazing weekend in the South of France with my good friend Wayno from Whanganui (you may know him!).  It was his wedding and he put on a fantastic spread. Course after course of meats, seafood, cheeses and all kinds for culinary delights. It was during one of the many courses and after several bottles of best French wine, when I received a phone call from the Father in Law: “I’m just calling to say Hi and to tell you that it’s been a great day, you’ve made a ton of sales”.

I was thousands of miles away! And that happens regularly when you do business online. Ping! Whilst I’m sat writing this, payments are coming in for sales from one of our websites.

When I talk about doing business online, I talk about a business free from many of the ties, constraints and burdens associated with conventional companies and one that operates at optimum levels, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.
Over the years the Internet has been good to me and I now feel the time is right and I am in a position to give something back.  In the next few minutes I’ll outline what turns a website into an online business, the tools and systems I use to achieve this, how they fit into conventional marketing wisdom … and how the Internet is the way forward for YOUR company.

blacksmith online business development
My various partners and I have been surreptitiously working and perfecting online businesses for over TWELVE years now and if we haven’t seen all the gimmicks, spin-on-your-head and do-a-jig systems out there, we’ve created them! And having spent thousands upon thousands of hours testing with all the technology available in the field, I’m surprised to find myself writing that I’ve pretty much nailed down the parameters to a simple formula … one that appears to have come full circle.
To many, running a successful business on the Internet is a complete mystery, and that even extends to large corporations.  I’ve lost count of the number of multi-million dollar Web operations that have yet to make a penny cent of profit … and worse, those that have lost fortunes.  Take News Corp who bought MySpace for $580M you may remember them as the predecessor to Facebook. MySpace was just offloaded for £32M!
I believe this catastrophic failure to run an online business profitably is because the operators fail to take care of the basics … a conviction I’m prepared to guarantee with my own money, as the headline states.
Under various guises and pen names I’ve worked with an number of companies and joint venture partnerships and if I’ve not been behind some of the busiest sites in the Internet Marketing niche since its inception, I’ve helped promote them.
I am now confident that basic marketing systems can be transposed onto any proposition, which is why I have now taken the decision to offer a systemised package to assist any company trying to negotiate the online minefield.
Some of the successes I’ve been involved in may not appear to be conventional propositions … they’re not!  In fact they were visitor generating machines that then allowed us to sell a lot of product.  They are totally ‘out of the box’ ideas that conventional Web Agencies simply don’t entertain but each had it’s roots in the tight framework I now offer.

  • We were behind Freenetleads way back in 2002 that generated a membership of 500,000 people by it’s third month right back then in the Glory Days.  It was a property that helped users build a responsive subscriber base.  We now use similar technologies to engage YOUR clients, turning visitors into friends and eventually into PAYING CUSTOMERS … all without human intervention!

Freenetleads was only held back by the limitations of the servers we kept crashing and our lack of expertise in that area! Modern servers can handle the traffic and our technicians build robust web architecture that doesn’t break under pressure so no concerns there …
After Freenetleads came

  • 241leads
  • Results Tracker
  • Toolbar Traffic
  • Ultimate Banner Exchange
  • Gauk Auctions
  • NewsdeskPro
  • NetBookPublishers
  • Karazzi
  • Gauk Motors
  • Gauk Charters
  • Gauk Villas
  • The Vanguard Alliance
  • BZ9 Affiliate and Webmaster Tools
  • eLert Gadget
  • AutoinfoZone
  • Bubonik
  • Sixty Minute Trader
  • and so on and so forth…

We built system after system, pushed product after product and all this as I traveled the world, sailing my yachts and living the Internet Dream.
90+ Million Unique Visitors a Month
These days our development company creates high end sites.  The amazing figures at the top of this letter are REAL and achieved with a very simple formula.  One core model, a website architecture that works and then niche sites are created that sit on the framework, in this case over one hundred of them and then specialised tools are used to achieve the marketing results…
These are the systems I use on the battle field daily. They have to work because people rely on them! The stats I quote are achievable by anyone with the drive and determination to put the systems into action.

One-on-One Consultation For Online Business: Health-Check, Ideas & Solutions to Increase Business … Or Your Money Back!

  • Got a BIG IDEA but unsure of who to entrust it to? … Let’s talk … no matter how BIG the project!
  • Got a website but want a WEB BUSINESS? … Lets talk
  • Need a professional, elegant Web solution that works? … Let’s talk


Our gauk Media website allows businesses to choose from a variety of services all designed to go way and beyond anything that a conventional web agency can offer.  We not only offer state-of-the-art technologies but are proud to back the products with a fantastic support programme.

contact us

If you’ve got any questions just call for a chat … even if it is just to discuss the latest Snapper run! (that’s a fish)


Having said that if you’ve got a large-scale project, are not happy with your current solution or are concerned that your marketing isn’t delivering measurable results I am positive that I will be able to offer best practise pointers to a solution that will deliver a more satisfying result.


Through this short letter I’ve touched on my credentials and alluded to the wealth of experience gained from designing  building and running MY OWN Web Businesses. I could go on and on … but this is not about me, it’s about YOUR business. I make no apologies for this unconventional sales letter, I’m not sorry that I haven’t detailed a long history of Blue Chip Company employment and I can’t enen post an impressive CV because the truth is, I don’t have one … well not one that would secure an enviable job.


I am wholly unconventional and I’m extremely proud of the fact that I’m quietly making a moderate success from Online Business when even Fortune 500 companies fail.  I recently compiled a report (see below) for the Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson, the only man in history to start eight $Billion companies in separate sectors … I found holes so vast in their online operations you could have driven Virgin’s entire fleet of 747s through them.



Below is an overview of what to expect although it must be stressed that because this is a bespoke consultation service each personalised report will differ … but you’ll get the idea!


Confidential Web Business Development Report for YOUR Company

Goals & Objectives

  • Initial discussions via phone and supporting email to assess goals and objectives
  • Basic health-check of current property
  • Assessment of new project

Health Check

I have yet to look at a Web business and find it running at even 50% efficiency … the vast majority are very poorly constructed and operated so I need to make an assessment of the current situation in order to provide recommendations and improvements. Our health check is a bespoke service and will crawl up to 10,000 pages. If your site is failing in one or more of the following, your business will not be running as efficiently as it could:

  • Server Errors
    Server errors can be fatal and indicate major problems with the content or architecture of your site. The busier a web business gets the more server errors place pressure on the equipment. The Site Audit checks server errors.
  • On-Site Links & Structure
    We analyse the link structure of your site (architecture) to determine those pages that would benefit from more links across your site.
  • Duplicate Title Tags
    Duplicate tags can cause issues in your web business. The Audit gives you a detailed listing of duplicate titles.
  • Long Title Tags
    Titles that are too long will be cut off in search engine and directory listings. The Site Audit provides you with a list all pages on your site with long titles.
  • Missing Title Tags
    If your pages are missing their titles you will be losing an opportunity to drive potential customers to your site. The Audit provides you with a list of pages that are missing titles.
  • Multiple Title Tags
    Each page on your site needs a unique title that describes the content on the page. The Site Audit provides you with a list of pages with multiple titles.
  • Reachability
    Reachability is a measure of how many links a crawler must follow to locate the different pages on a website. The analysis reports a list of hard-to-reach pages helping to quickly identify obscured content.
  • Redirects
    A site redirecting too many pages will confuse clients and search engine crawlers. Our analysis will determine whether or not you are using redirects effectively.
  • Anchor Text
    Effective anchor text linking is a major factor in website popularity and customer accessibility  The Audit provides a comprehensive list of links.
  • Broken Links
    A broken link bad! Lots of them are web business suicide !! Sites grow and links break undermining the user experience and your business rankings. With the Site Audit, we find all the broken links.
  • Dead End Pages
    Pages without any links are not good for your visitors or search engines. It’s like going up a blind ally. We report which pages are dead ends and help improve the user experience.
  • Long/Dynamic URLs
    If an URL is too long or poorly constructed people making searches will see a truncated version and you might miss an opportunity to get them to visit. Properly constructed URLs are essential to good website architecture.
  • Page Not Found
    A ‘404’ or ‘Page Not Found’ error page has to do more than report an error. Our analysis can tell whether or not you have created a compliant ‘Page Not Found’ error page.
  • Duplicate Content
    Reusing text and images throughout a site or from other domains is not conducive to good web business practice. We will identify duplicate content if it’s there and how it’s affecting your web business.
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
    Meta descriptions and page content have to be unique. We identify any duplicate meta descriptions across the entire site and pages that are not getting properly exposed to potential clients.
  • Too Many Links
    A limited number of outbound links are good. Having too many links can cause navigation issues and could create other problems for your customers.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    We check to see if your site is properly optimised for your target market and provide keyword recommendations. Using our vast database of analytics we can help find the more cost-effective, relevant keywords to use for search engines and advertising.
  • Robots.txt
    Misconfigured robots.txt files can block crawlers and potential clients from valuable content. The Site Audit checks to see if robot files are configured correctly.
  • Session IDs
    We list which pages use session IDs. Sites using session ID parameters may receive a lower rankings and fewer potential customers.
  • Hostname
    Often websites are set up for both and These are treated as separate hosts which is bad for business! We for check this.
  • Low Word Count
    Sites with little or no content often receive poor placement in search results and receive fewer visitors. We provide results for low text content pages.
  • Image ‘Alt Tag’ Descriptions
    Using image descriptions will help search engines index the non-text content. They make sites more accessible for the visually impaired. We list images with no description.

Campaign Report

The Campaign Report is a more holistic assessment of the current business. Here I will outline some of the problems I see with current or potential campaigns as an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. Developing a web business is very different from running a traditional business and requires a specialised skill-set.

This can easily be highlighted in our recent assessment of the Virgin Unite campaign. No one can deny that the Virgin brand is one of the most successful in modern history yet that stands for nothing when running a Web Business.  Our findings were surprising, even for me and more worryingly appear to be indicative of the vast majority of online businesses today:



virgin unite online business


    Traffic Rank: 499,220 This is an indicator of very low traffic numbers – a moderately busy site will at least be in the 100k bracket
    Sites Linking in: 533 This represents only 533 references to Virgin Unite from other sites
    Demographic: According to Alexa the site is visited predominantly by girls at school
    Visibility: I can provide a full audit but it will only confirm visibility very low
  • Compare Virgin Unite to Greenpeace: Ranked 13,110 with 38,000 sites linking in
  • Compare Virgin Unite to WWF: Ranked 145,00 with 3,750 sites linking in
  • Compare Virgin Unite to WWF UK: Ranked 145,00 with 3,750 sites linking in
  • Compare Virgin Unite to WWF USA: Ranked 51,000 with 8,720 sites linking in
  • Compare Virgin Unite to Oxfam: Ranked 53,200 with 7,088 sites linking in
  • Now compare Virgin Unite something as trashy as the World Wrestling Site: Ranked 1,500 with 9,000 sites linking in



  • Social plugins are causing issues (only designed for the benefit of the social network owner)
  • Site structure is causing major issues
  • Complicated architecture
  • Site not properly optimised
  • WC3 Errors (not compliant with modern parameters)
  • Many issues for which I can provide a comprehensive report
  • Speed: Very slow, due to a number of different factors, including poor code, no respect for w3c stardards, use of depreciated code, way too many requested (265 requests that’s 20 x more then recommended), 2.75MB front page size (that’s 10 times more then recommended) Heavy  use and unnecessary usage of ViewState – encrypted data and more…)
  • Front End Technologies:
    Javascripts: Too many files, too many requests; should use external files
    CSS: Not compliant 347 errors and 307 warnings, too many files, too many requestes; should be in an external file
    HTML: Not compliant 29 errors
    Pictures: No optimization on number and size and alt tags
    Mobile: 12 points of failure
  • SEO:
    PageRank: 5
    Sitemap XML: Not found
    Crawlability: URL not optimized, use of special character, too long, not descriptive, ID arguments etc…
    URLs: Not optimized (Ex: too many special characters)
  • Links: Lack of strategy No .gov or .edu
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is based on testing and analysis. All aspects have been measured using authoritative tools that leave no space for speculation. In general, the code is very poorly written, doesn’t respect any official standards or known best practices. No effort has been focused on code quality or website optimization. On the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) end, I do not see any real effort that has been consciously put into this website.



  • Not found


  • Not found






  • Not Found


  • Not Found


  • Not Found

VIRGIN UNITE SERPs (search engine page results)

  • Not found Page 1 for any major keyword – obvious phrases ‘save the planet’, ‘climate change’ ‘richard branson’


  • Not found


  • Low – website & campaign focus on ‘US’ not ‘YOU’


  • Not Found (small subscribe button eventually found on )
  • No proactive list building from partner websites, affilaites or social media
  • Found on registering. The point of registering is not clear and on entering the area social interactivity is not obvious. The registration conformation mail is a simple text affair pointing people back to Virgin Unite and giving no incentive to refer a friend.


  • Not found on index


Here I will outline all the mesures that need to be taken to rectify any current issues or strategies that need to be put into place for a new project.  We need to look how to effectively develop the web business and leverage any existing client base.


Here I will outline all the mesures and strategies that need to be taken or implemented to maintain growth.

Outside The Box

Here I like to try to add value to the report by making strategic suggestions and sharing valuable ideas that are based on my wealth of experience of running all aspects of online business   … suggestions could be anything from instructions on opening a Trade Me / eBay store to take advantage of the massive customer base to developing a fully integrated shopping cart solution, to a thousand other ideas taken from across the globe that could be of great benefit to YOUR business.

Lets Talk! Book an Online Business Consultation With a Web Entrepreneur

How it works:

Standard: The investment in an Online Business Consultation is $1,995*
I say investment because as sure as the tides ebb and flow, I am resolutely confident that by implementing the recommendations in the report this modest fee will be repaid many times over and if it isn’t … don’t pay me!**

  • Consultation is available strictly on a booking basis
  • Booking requires a 50% deposit
  • On completion of the booking you will be required to fill out a short questionnaire and provide links etc to your current web property and a brief overview of what you expect to get from doing business online.
  • There will be a short clarification period if necessary
  • The report will be produced usually within a week depending on the complexity of the project
  • The balance of the Consultation will be paid upon delivery of the report
  • The consultation extends to a one month period of implementation consultation

So book a consultation today.

Big Idea Consultation: If you have a large future project in mind and need some valuable advice from those who have built, developed, run and sold highly profitable, highly successful web businesses take a look:

*Consultation fee is per single online business and does not include the implementation of recommendations. Plus travel expenses if you require an on site visit.

**Satisfaction Guarantee: If after implementing the recommendations and taking all advice, we fail to grow your business by 10% within six months of implementation you can ask for a full, refund.

***If, after the initial assessment we feel we cannot meet our promise of growing your business, we will refund the deposit in full with our blessings for continued success