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Hi Kim,

It was good to meet you all last night and hope you’re feeling a little better 🙂

One thing I learnt was that I’m not cut out for presenting and think I ought to leave that to Gill from now on!

I’ve put the Powerpoint Presentation online here:

It can also be downloaded here:

Also i am just creating tis page that will be finished by the end of the day that will outline the issues from a business owners point of view.

I am sure I over-complicated what is quite a simple concept and I’ll outline it here:

1. Your current website simply isn’t doing its job from a business owner’s perspective.  I don’t want to spend time picking it apart as that’s not very constructive, but suffice to say it is simply a very basic and out-dated directory. Making it mobile friendly would simply make the directory viewable on mobile phones but would do nothing for the fundamental short comings.

Rebuild Richmond Unlimited


Stage one of the proposal was to totally overhaul your current website with something far more up-to-date in terms of the architecture that modern websites are built upon and the clean, crisp presentation of content.

The system we propose is built upon a WordPress framework which is now easily the best option out there used by up to 200,000,000 websites.  If you read my background at you will see that I am a businessman and not a developer (and not a presenter!!!).  I have now moved my entire operation over to WordPress.

The advantages in terms of reliability and scaleability are exponential. You can add email marketing, surveys and a whole lot more.  It also comes with th eability to add a whole host of plug ins (add ons) at no extra cost eg sliders:

The other advantage is that it’s what’s called ‘open source’.  This means the code is open to developers from around the world so it’s constantly at the cutting edge and updated regularly to meet the ever-changing Web.  The best part for me is that because it’s not designed by a web development company, you have no one trying to lock you into their system.  You can edit every element of the website yourself … I absolutely love this system!


Easy and user friendly admin panel allows you to do a lot of customizations without knowing any HTML or CSS (web code!). Colors, images, widgets, sliders, portfolios, galleries,… almost everything can be customized and configured via admin panel. Final website is in your hands.

The site I demonstrated for you last night has a whole host of features that Richmond businesses will love and they can log in and edit their listings at any time for free saving you administration time.

For instance, I made this listing for my company, with a map marker (or google street view if available), contact forms, images, even video if I choose  I won’t get technical but the listings are very search engine friendly meaning that individual business pages will rank very highly in Google searches (currently Richmond Unlimited comes up in searches that users probably won’t use! It comes up ranked 6 for a term like ‘richmond’ and is beaten by etc for terms like ‘hairdressers richmond’). But as I explained last night, The Grid (see below) will mean Google ranking is eliminated.

As explained last night I have even made several suggestions as to how you can derive an income for your website with advertising blocks, classifieds section, community forums etc.

All this generates interaction, taking your Richmond Unlimited website to a whole new level for the businesses community you represent … and ultimately for the public that will use it.

So the formal tender to rebuild Richmond Unlimited would include:

All of the features you see in the demonstration:

  • The website has built in spaces for advertising, you can easily include your google adsense or any other ads.
  • Website also includes custom built search and filter of all items you add in into online directory.
  • Theme partially supports WPML Translation Plugin which allows you to create a website in any language.

You’re able to set up 5 different headers per any page:

  •  Google map
  • Google map street view
  • Revolution slider
  • Static image
  • No image

Absolutely unique features:

  • Geolocate support (shows YOUR position on the map and proximity to local business)
  • Frontend registration for guests
  • Guests can administer their own listings
  • Paypal payments integration
  • Interactive Ajax Search
  • Ability to get pointer on the map from address
  • Administrator can define packages and set the price
  • Wide / Narrow layout style
  • Advertising spaces
  • Custom built Rating system
  • Contact form on listing detail page
  • Listing by location or category

Website uses wide impressive multi-layer slider that can be used on any page. Responsive design, easy to use on desktop, tablets and mobile phones. Powerful and Easy to use admin allows you to set up slider, background, logo, reorder sections, choose from unlimited colors, different portfolio layouts, custom post types, custom widgets and tons of shortcodes. Website is also SEO optimised (Google friendly) and translation ready. It includes everything you need to build a corporate/business portal that will sell Richmond as a shopping & business destination.

Other features worth to mention:

  • You can easily Backup all your data and admin settings
  • Many portfolio layouts that can be used on any page.
  • Widgets ready sidebar & footer
  • Image & Template caching for better performance
  • Google Analytics & Google Maps integration
  • Custom CSS field for your own styles
  • Documentation and recent updates accessible directly from our wordpress admin panel
  • Theme is built on our robust MVC framework that means that design is completely separated from other PHP. Making updates cannot be easier.

*Develop a seamless way for Richmond Unlimited website to be the landing page for wifi or at least next stage navigation.  (this is very important I believe)

*I will include 6 months hosting then match your current pay plan

*New hosting will be on our own DEDICATED servers so no possibility of contamination or security breaches from other websites sharing your server (you currently share a server with lots of other websites and no mater what your hosting company says, this is ALWAYS a risk to you)

*I will include data migration from the existing website (move all the business listings over)

*1/2 day training on the administration system and ongoing support

The price for this amazing system is very competitive in the marketplace at $19,995

However, as explained I am very keen to work with you to develop a system that can be rolled out nationally ensuring Richmond business is accessible to all visitors to the network.

To get you on board i can do this at cost for you which will come in at $9,995

Terms are 50% up front, 50% on delivery.  Time scale should be 8 working days.

2. Richmond Online Shopping Mall

Here’s an example of a Mall:

A one-stop-shop for Richmond. This will generate it’s own traffic as business owners promote their shop to their customers.  It’s in the shop owners’ best interests to drive traffic to their store and it is all funnelled into The Shopping Mall, this can then drive more customers into their physical shops, if managed properly. Richmond businesses want a solution! … This is a system that I have been asked to develop by Richmond business.  Many want an online presence but as you pointed out are confused.

The online mall is a simple to use online shopping mall that business can use if they so wish. It will include help and training from gauk media and Robertsons Chartered Accountants helping with sustained growth and well managed sales. The low cost subscription model ($97 a month) makes it very affordable and easy to opt in and opt out.  We will manage this so no input needed from yourselves


  •  24/7 shopping, great for business and consumers
  • Business can sell online and take payments directly into their account
  • Business can test new products
  • Business will be given help and advice as to how to sell and grow online – help that is not available elsewhere.

Richmond Unlimited have fulfilled their obligation in making this cutting-edge system available, it’s up to them if they use it … the one’s that don’t will be left behind!

3. Bogof Marketing System

Based on the every popular and successful coupon model but made business friendly. (Currently the coupon sites are crippling businesses by pushing for unsustainable deals, charging huge commissions, and employing penalty clauses etc)

Bogof is a simple to use online coupon/voucher site that business can use if they so wish.  The low cost subscription model ($97 a month) makes it very affordable and easy to opt in and opt out.  We will manage this so no input needed from yourselves

  • Business can sell online and take payments directly into their account
  • Business can test offers and multi-buys
  • Business will be given help and advice as to how to sell and grow online – help that is not available elsewhere.


Destination Management System

This is a national, simple, interactive map & search engine.  The Seychelles use this very successfully and it’s known as a Destination Management System (The Grid is a cutting edge solution). Richmond Unlimited business listings, map markers etc will AUTOMATICALLY be added to The Grid.

Richmond business will be easily accessible from a national level creating the ultimate, equal opportunity online business solution.

Thanks again Kim for your time and I really look forward to hearing from you soon, working together on this for benefit of Richmond and ultimately the prosperity of New Zealand



Kind regards

Paul J. Tranter

CEO gauk Media Ltd

Online Business Development


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