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People share, read and generally engage more when it’s surfaced through friends and people they know and trust

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter …
Why is Social Media Important For YOUR Business?


social networking is part of the internetFor me social media is like Marmite … You either love it or hate it!

Having said that, for the business person, the social networks are far more than a forum to tell the world that ‘I’m eating toast’. Whether you think it’s a total waste of time or interesting insight, the fact is that hundreds of millions of people congregate around these sites daily and they’re a source of potential customers you simply can’t afford to ignore.

A well run social media campaign is an extremely important business building tool. I find it astonishing that a traditional business owner will pay premium dollar to have their shop on the right side of the street or to have a painfully expensive presence in the Mall, yet totally ignore the busiest environments on the planet. Just one week’s rent in a top shopping centre would pay for a pro-active social media campaign for at least a year and be a fantastic investment!

Social media is a new phenomenon and the way people have chosen to receive their news and information today. It’s proven to be an integral element of modern business operations, and cannot be overlooked. The overwhelming volume of intrusive information a person is subjected to on a daily basis has become paralyzing. Getting a marketing promotion simply read is hard enough, let alone getting a customer to take action!

A small, personal recommendation about your product or service posted to a social media webpage is priceless

There are a number of reasons as to why social media must be included as a part of any business strategy and for a business to be successful online, there needs to be at the very least a presence with the two major players, Facebook and Twitter.

The Decline of Print Media

Printed media can be expensive and restrictive to both the publisher and the reader. Your potential customers are at least countrywide, if not worldwide and to reach out to them via printed medium is simply a non-starter. Besides, they now look to free and instant sources for this information.

Over 20 million tweets were sent as Hurricane Sandy struck recently. This far exceeds the 13.7 million tweets sent during the Super Bowl in February, typically the largest media event of the year in the US.

Although printed material is successful at promoting a business on a local scale, it is not as mainstream and as effective as it used to be even just a decade ago. Businesses are now tapping into social media, largely because of its massive potential in terms of how many people will get the message. The main advantage is that a post shared to someone’s ‘wall’ will be seen by all their friends, friends of friends and friends of their friends…

A simple word search we posted recently was seen by over 3 MILLION people for no cost! Try doing that with a flyer or brochure! View The Post

The Complexity of eMail Marketing

email marketing is still used by many successful businesses largely as part of ongoing marketing, but it has two drawbacks. It is complicated to set up and it is not free to use. A successful marketing campaign needs to be managed and be able to stand out from the barrage of spam emails sent on a daily basis, making it difficult to get promotional mail read. Social media sites managed spam more effectively than ISPs and filter out the rubbish making YOU visible and accessible to the client.

Extend Your Marketing Reach

social media marketing breakdownThere’s one thing I want to make clear here and that’s that social media is not a ‘Silver Bullet’ that delivers the killer blow. If you read about marketing on the Internet you’ll often hear that a page on Facebook will drive tons of people to your website … unless you’ve got an extremely busy fanpage, it’ won’t.

A social media presence is used as part of an overall online business marketing strategy, one element feeds the other. A Facebook fanpage will help grow your company blog and email lists, which in turn allows you to get your promotions out there. Social media allows you to create meaningful and personal relationships with clients and potential customers in ways that other channels don’t. By remaining active on social media channels, you become part of a community, which encourages people to take interest in your business, and hopefully convert this interest into sales.

Better Visibility in the Search Engines

Google’s challenge is to use mathematical formulas to determine what provides a great user experience and what content is compelling and unique. They are attempting to rank this type of content high in their results and are using votes and virility on social media as a major factor. Google is attempting to use its algorithms to detect quality content and this task as they said earlier is “part science and part art“. They have provided strong hints as to what type of content you should be creating. This is the end game and it appears that they are having success in moving in that direction. So, in summary Google are using social signals to rank web content on its quality and attractiveness to readers and viewers … an active social media presence is essential to online business.

We run a number of Fanpages for our various websites and our research has uncovered a number of interesting anomalies.  Traditionally, it is written that a Fanpage for instance, has to be highly targeted and on topic, yet our research over the past twelve months totally contradicts this.  We have found that a reader simply gets bored reading about various offers and promotions on a theme and a diverse, lively publication is far more engaging … and then slip in the occasional offer!

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Most magazines and newspapers have a nice variety of marketplace related articles and a fanpage should be run along these lines. So if you haven’t got a social media presence we believe that if you’re serious about your online business … You NEED one!

We’ll set up everything for you so when you take over the helm all you will be required to do is steer the ship, with our guidance! Or we can do the whole thing for you as part of our managed package.

We run and this is an incredible resource for engaging content for your business fanpages.  Simply choose a few of the amazing, funny, inspiring posts and put them on your pages.  They’ve already been researched and tested by us!

We will also be running a social media category on our gauk Media Blog and posting all sorts of stuff that’ll help you with the social media arm of your online business

When you order a Best Social Media Package from gauk Media you get:

  • Facebook:
  • Research and create a relevant Facebook Fanpage
  • Add unique, professional Fanpage header (timeline) image See example 1  See example 2
  • Set up company profile
  • Set up contact us pages
  • Set up a start here page
  • Set up automated Twitter posts (whatever you post to Facebook is automatically posted to Twitter, saving valuable time)
  • Make recommendations and suggestions as to content
  • Twitter:
  • Research and create a relevant Twitter Fanpage
  • Add unique, professional Twitter background image See example
  • Set up company profile
  • Set up contact us pages
  • Set up a start here page
  • Your Website:
  • Set up relevant links from your website to your Social Media pages
  • eMail Marketing
  • If you order our eMail Marketing Package we will tie in your social media share options from your emails
  • We will set up opt-in email systems on your Facebook fanpage

Now all this may seem a little over the top and sounds like it should come at a hefty price … read on and see what’s included!

This is Probably The Best Social Media Package Available on The Web … “Sounds Expensive!”

the best social media packageIf you’re in the market and shopping around for a social media solution DON’T judge these packages on price alone and don’t be seduced by cheap offers!!!

Our Best Social Media Packages are transparent and open and well researched.  What you see is what you get charged … no upgrades, no hidden costs and great design.

Factor in that selling these packages is a sideline for us and as online business owners, these are the solutions we use. We’re out there on the front line and we’re confident that after twelve years of breaking just about everything out there, this is the most professional, quality, all round amazing web business set up you can buy.

We know our Best Social Media Package is competitive and we’re confident it’s as good as it gets … Don’t make the mistakes we did. You don’t have to and it’ll only cost YOU dearly in the long run!!!

So if you’re looking to set up a social networking web presence or want a better solution, STOP looking around and order your Best Social Media Package for the very best online business model and for peace of mind whilst you get on with marketing, admin, customer support etc.

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