Through superior flexibility and excellent quality, WordPress shed the label of mere “blogging” software long ago.

It’s become an indispensible content publishing platform for millions of real businesses and talented writers and thinkers across the web.

Chances are, it’s even powering your website, which makes the infographic you’ll find below indispensible.

If you’re running your site on WordPress there’s a chance you’re running into certain errors that can make you look, well, just a little bit silly.

The good news? These errors are an easy fix.

Is your site loading slowly? That’s a huge no-no in the era of Google placing emphasis on page speed. See #1.

Did your site get de-indexed? Might be because of silly error #5.

How about you woke up one morning with your sidebar living below all your content? Check #10 for a quick fix.

Take a good look at the infographic below, (designed by Copyblogger Media’s Lead Designer, the incredible Rafal Tomal), and use it as a basic checklist to make sure your WordPress website isn’t falling victim to any of these silly errors …