Few Simple and Easy Tips to Get More Followers on G+ Free and Fast


Google+ is essentially a blend of Facebook & Twitter only with better and more innovative features. You can expand your Google plus followers easily provided you know the right tips and tricks to do so. Many people have benefited tremendously from this novel service and have acquired many followers. Since this is the introductory stage and many people are willing to be a part of this new trend, we have made a list of suggestions which would guide you to increase your number of followers in Google+.

1 Search for People

It is important that you search for people who are in the industry you belong to. If they add you, then you will have valuable relevant contacts in your network. After logging in to your Google Plus account, click on the circles tab and then click Find people.

Another way of increasing your contacts is simply importing contact from your Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook address book or Gmail.

2 Follow Back people who add you to their Circles

After you are notified of being added to someone’s circles, it is important that you stay connected and follow them back so that you can keep them interested.

3 Share Interesting Content

Ensure that the content you submit and share is relevant and interesting. As the Google Plus community is predominantly Web/ Entertainment/ Technology/ Marketing people – so you must submit content that is interesting to them.

Another idea is to use GIF animations as they are popular on Google Plus.

4 Comment on other users’ status updates

Keep abreast by commenting on the status updates of the people within your Google Circle, especially those within your niche.

5 Make your Profile Public

If you can, make your profile public- that way you will be viewable to everyone on the web. You can also link your LinkedIn profile to your Google Plus account for more reach.

6 Share your updates with your friends via Email

Your friend may not have signed up to Google Plus, but the system has a feature where you can share your updates to people outside the system via Email. This is a unique feature Google Plus has, so use it.

7 Add Google Plus widgets to your Blog/Website

You can add Google Plus (+1) button to your website which will help in your search engine optimization too. You may also add a link to your Google Plus profile, such as in the biography.

8 Promote Your Google Plus Profile on Social Networking Sites

Promote your Google plus profile on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

9 Facebook Group Members 

Send a message to all the members of your Facebook group to join you on Google Plus.

10 Email Signatures

You can use link of your Google plus profile to your email signatures.

11 Encourage Your Fans to Share Your Content 

Share interesting stuff with your friends on Google plus and encourage them to share your content. When your posts will appear in your friends’ Google plus stream then it will increase your visibility to potential fans and then a lot of them will add you in their circles.

12 Share Posts of Other People 

Sometimes you can also share posts of other people. It will encourage them to share your posts thereby enhancing your Google Plus Circle.

13 Keep Adding Fresh Content 

To keep your fans attracted, don’t forget to post videos and pictures. You must have variety in your content.

14 LinkedIn Connections 

Invite your LinkedIn connections to join you on Google Plus.

15 Social Bookmarking

Ask your friends to Stumble, Digg and bookmark your Google Plus profile.

16 Business Cards

Put Your Google Plus profile URL on your business cards.

17 Message Your Friends 

This is a time consuming process but it is very effective. Send a private message to your friends and ask them to join you on Google Plus.

18 Blog Commenting

The more you comment on different blogs and forums, the more you have a chance to bring people to your Google + profile. You can also discreetly include your Google + profile within the comments.

19 Include a Link to Your Google Plus Profile in Your Articles 

Another good way to increase your Google Plus circle is to add a link to your Google plus profile in your author’s bio box.

20 Use Placard

If you are running a physical business then you can place a placard inviting your customers to join you on G+.

21 Allow Commenting on Your Posts

Allow people to comment on your posts. The more you get comments on your posts, the more you expect a surge in your traffic as their comments may be broadcast for news feed.

22 Engage In Conversations 

Try to engage yourself in discussions with those you follow. This way you will meet with people who are interested in the same subject as you, Thereby enhancing your visibility and access to other relevant people and setting up base for enhancing your Google Plus circle.

23 Newsletter Promotion

Newsletter is a great place to include a link to your Google Plus profile. However make sure that it will not irritate your subscribers.

24 Blog about Your G+ Profile

Mention your Google Plus profile link on your blog so that people can connect.

25 Follow Less But Follow Smart

The key to getting more followers on G+ is to follow but don’t follow everyone. You should not add people to your Google Plus circles who are not actually relevant to you.

26 Use link of Your Google plus profile in Forum Signature 

If you are an active member of any forum then include the link of your Google Plus profile in your forum signature. Use this signature in every post you write on the forum. You Google plus profile will be introduced every time a reader comes across your post in the forum

by JennySui