Most entrepreneurs and organisations would agree that a website is now an essential marketing and communication tool for their business. Getting the website right could be the difference between achieving a great return on your investment, or not.

Let’s look at an imaginary scenario – you have found a budget website design company who have offered you the cheapest rates around. By using them, not only will you get a website, but you are also left with residual funds which can be diverted into other key areas of the business.

To many this may seem like a win-win situation – right? … Wrong!

Beware of companies that offer these budget websites – they would like you to believe that they can deliver a bespoke digital solution that is designed specifically for your needs and has all the functionality you could ever dream of.

Sadly this is never the case and more and more people are being caught out by cheap design companies. Here’s some of the pitfalls of using one:

Poor Communication

When dealing with cheap web design companies, communication ranges from little to non-existent as the budget simply does not allow for on-going project input and changes from you, meaning you get what you are given. If you are going to invest in a website, you need to be involved throughout the whole design process and have input in what direction the design takes.

Price Creep

There are too many examples of website companies advertising cheap websites just to ‘lure you in’. Once hooked, the price can quite often ‘creep’ up as you are billed for extra features and services. Many businesses end up getting locked into a 24 month hosting contract which means, not only are they left with a poor website but they are also stuck with it for 2 years!

No Flair or Aptitude

Skilled web designers, developers and digital marketing experts, like any talented people, are often hard to find and so become highly sought after. A web designer who works for a £300-per-website design company, is likely to lack any flair or artistic creativity compared to the pro’s. If you do the maths yourself, you will quickly realise that price/hourly rate makes it simply inevitable that you will receive a substandard service and product.

The Extra Mile

Let’s look at dedication for a moment. What separates someone who is dedicated to their job from someone who isn’t?

The answer is simple – money!

Let’s be clear about this, if you had a job paying next to nothing, are you really going to be incentivised to go beyond the call of duty to satisfy your client?

The answer is – No.

The bottom line when paying for any service or product is “if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”

Here at WebDog we pride ourselves on offering cost effective digital solutions and aim to build long-term relationships with businesses and organisations whilst remaining open and transparent throughout. References from previous satisfied clients will gladly be provided which vouch for our skill, knowledge and integrity.

Our experts have many years experience in the digital field and include professional designers, developers and digital marketing experts who have a track record in generating excellent returns for businesses.

If you wish to find out more about what we can do for you, then please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation (don’t worry, we won’t bite).