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An overview of Buy One Get One Free and Other Great Deals

A new group buying concept aimed and a better deal for local NZ businesses



  • Getaways (Listing travel deals)
  • Custom Design
  • Goods (Listing shipping deals)
  • Multiple Cities & Categories
  • Multiple Main Deals
  • Active, Recent, & Upcoming Deals
  • Location – Google Map
  • Multiple Side Deals
  • Customer Login With Social Accounts
  • Share Deals Through Social Media
  • Location – Google Map
  • Speedy Checkout – Onestep checkout
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Featured Deal
  • View Products Video
  • Supports Multi-Language
  • Secured Cart
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Merchant Login / Featured Business
  • Gift A Friend / Buy It For A Friend
  • Newsletters
  • More Great Deals
  • RSS Feed
  • Print Coupons in Login
  • Spam Mail Filter in Contact Form
  • Status Box in Deal Page
  • Advanced Search
  • Download Coupons in Login
  • View Coupons in Login
  • Recent Tweets
  • Attractive Themes
  • Unique Coupon Codes
  • Deal Comments
  • Facebook Fan Box
  • Polling Module for Feedback
  • Site Map
  • Attractive Subscription Page
  • Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Featured Business
  • Advert System/ Refer A Friend
  • Multiple Addresses: Customers
  • Image Slide Show For Deals
  • Facebook Login
  • Facebook App
  • Andriod App
  • IPhone App

Getaways (Listing travel deals) This feature allows in listing travel deals alone and with multiple additional options separately. The pricing varies with respect to separate deals and with multiple options, respectively, allowing the users to opt for either the prior or the latter option. Besides, it offers complete control to the Admin as he can enable/disable the Getaways from backend conveniently anytime.

Gateways (Listing travel deals)
Goods (Listing shipping deals) Shipping or physical products, which are meant for shipping purposes, are listed individually under the goods category along with their lucrative and adorable features throwing tremendous impact on users which in turn compel them to buy the products.
Goods (Listing shipping deals)
Multiple City and Categories The visitor can choose deals either city wise or category wise. Categories are displayed on the top menu and deals are listed based on this.
Multiple City Deals
Multiple Main Deals Each city can have multiple main deals. There is no restriction to the number of main deals. The main deals will be displayed one below the other. Upon clicking buy option in a main deal, the visitors will be directed to the cart page to complete the purchase.
Multiple Main Deals
Multiple Side Deals Each city can also have multiple side deals. The visitor/customer can choose a particular side deal and proceed towards checkout and complete the purchase.
Multiple Side Deals
Location – Google Map Integrated Google Map features where the visitors can view the exact address or location of the merchants. The map can be zoomed in or zoomed out and also contains other required features of the Google Map
Location - Google MapActive, Recent, & Upcoming Deals The visitors can view all the deals that are currently active, the deals that were recently closed and the deals that is about to go live under appropriate tabs. This showcases all the deals that are currently active under the Active Deals tab. all the deals that were recently closed under the Recent Deals and all the deals that are about to become active under the tab Upcoming Deals.

Active, Recent, & Upcoming Deals
Share Deals Through Social Media Integrated social media such as FB, Linked In, Twitter, and the visitors can make use of the social media to spread the information about the deal, share it with their friends and relatives. Now “Pin it” share option is available directly on the deal detail page. “Pin it” allows users to pin deals by means of their Pinterest accounts.
Share Deals Through Social Media
Advanced Search Powerful and advanced search option has been integrated where the visitors can search deals using name, description, short description, SKU, Price and Tax class. Once the search is initiated, the relevant information will be displayed to the visitor.
Advanced Search
Customer Login with Social Media Accounts Customers can login using Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo networks. This could save thousands of customers who neglect sites just because they need to create an account on it. The visitors can also register/create an account in the site. The visitors/customers can edit their account information and keep track of their order details, billing agreements, downloadable products, referral invitations, etc.
Customer Login With Social Media AccountsSupports Multiple Currencies Supports all major currencies

Supports Multiple CurrenciesSecured Cart Visitors can make the purchase in a high-secure environment. In accordance with regulations, none of the payment information of the customers is stored.

Secured Cart

Speedy Checkout – One step/process checkout Customers can complete the checkout process quickly in just a few clicks. The customers can simply enter the billing information, payment methods and complete the checkout process without any long drawn processes. Only the required information is sought and unnecessary questions have been removed to speed up the checkout process and to improve user experience.

Speedy Checkout – One step/process checkout

Advert System/ Refer A Friend Customers can earn credits by referring their friends to the site. Customers can reimburse the credit points earned for the next purchase. Can send the referral invitation to friends from their account and view the summary of the referral credits in their account. From the Admin side, the Admin can enable/disable the advert system from the backend, set the allow invite option and edit the price rules of the Referral system. There are two types of rules available – Sign Up and Purchase.

Sign-Up: Friend earns credit once the referral registers in the store upon customer’s invitationPurchased: Friend earns credit once the referral purchase from the store upon customer’s invitation.

Admin can choose any of the two rule type and assign the price rules accordingly.

Advert System/ Refer A Friend

Gift A Friend / Buy It For A Friend This option allows customers to purchase a deal coupon for their friend or themselves. A pop-up will be displayed when the customer clicks the Gift A Friend button to gift that particular deal to their friends by entering the necessary information such as friends name, email address and even send a personalized message to the friend. As soon as this is completed, the friend will get the order mail for the deal in his/her inbox.

Gift A Friend / Buy It For A FriendMore Great Deals Other deals are displayed in the sidebar.

More Great Deals
View Products Video Bogof is the only product in the industry where the option of adding the video is available. The visitors can view deals in attractive video player. This acts as a strong force for converting potential leads into successful sales.
View Products VideoMerchant Login/ Featured Business Merchant: Merchant can register in the site and start offering deals by paying the site owner a certain fee amount as levied. Admin will send the merchant dashboard link with username and password which cannot be modified by the merchant. The admin thus has full control over the merchant account, can set the currency and the payment fee for activating a deal.

Merchant Login/ Featured BusinessRSS Feed The customers can easily stay informed with the latest deals and special offers by subscribing to the RSS feed available in the site. The Admin can configure the entire settings of the RSS feed such enable/disable the feed, enable feed for active deal upcoming deal and recent deal, provide feed title, caption, color settings for the feed, etc.

RSS FeedSEO Friendly URLs The URLs can be rewritten for the benefit of SEO which helps for better keyword ranking in leading search engines such as Google.

Deal Comments The visitors can post comments on a specific deal in the Facebook comment option available below every deal. The comments are updated in the visitor’s Facebook news feed. Any unwanted comments can also be deleted.
Deal Comments

Show Out of stock The visitors will not be able to purchase the a particular deal if it displays OUT OF STOCK meaning the deal has been sold out. In the backend, the Admin can limit the quantity of the deal that can be bought before activating a deal.

Show Out of stock

Site MapVisitors can easily navigate the site and check for the required pages. Admin can manage the pages, add any number of pages, and manage the design layout, contents, page title and Meta data.

Site Map
Status Box in Deal Page The visitor can see the status of the deal with information such as how many people have bought the deal and check whether the deal is achieved or not or out of stock or not.
Status Box in Deal PageSubscribe and Unsubscribe From Newsletters The visitors can subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletter. Subscribed visitors are entitled to get all new updates of the site. Customer who unsubscribed from their subscription and wish to subscribe again can easily subscribe from their account page. The Admin can track the customers who subscribed for news letter, edit the newsletter template, filter a set of subscribers, and send personalized newsletter.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe From NewslettersSpam Mail Filter in Contact Form In order to avoid spam and avoid bots or non-humans to access the site, captcha code is placed in the contact us page. This prevents unnecessary spamming or bots from accessing the site.

Spam Mail Filter in Contact FormView Coupons in Login The customers have the ability to view coupons/certificates of the deal that they have purchased in the dashboard of their My AccountAdmin can track all the coupons sold with respect to order ID, customer name, product name, quantity, coupon number, coupon code.

View Coupons in LoginPrint Coupons in LoginThe customers can print the coupons/certificates from their account and use it for redeeming the product/service.

Print Coupons in LoginDownload Coupons in Login There is also an option in the login of the customers, where they can easily download coupons/certificates from their My Account page.

Download Coupons in Login
Unique Coupon Codes Each and every coupon/certificate will have a unique coupon code in it to safeguard the merchant from redemption of duplicate coupon/certificate. The Admin can validate a coupon and check whether the coupon had been already used by the customer or not.
Unique Coupon CodesSupports Multi-Language (46 Languages) 

Polling Module for Feedback Visitors to the site can cast their vote in the poll to provide their suggestion for the feedback.

Polling Module for Feedback
Facebook Login The visitors can login to the website by using their Facebook account and can go to the My Accounts page. The Admin can enable the Facebook login option by creating a Facebook App ID, and configure the same in the Facebook Connect option available in the backend.
Facebook LoginFollow Us Links for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Visitors have the option to follow the website and get timely updates from the site by using the Follow Us link available for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in the frontend. The Admin can set the social share links from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to be displayed in the frontend.

Follow Us Links for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedInRecent Tweets The visitor can view the latest tweets updated in the website. The Admin can enable/disable the Twitter feed box to display in the frontend. Admin can also edit the twitter box height, width, title, caption and number of tweet counts to appear in the box, etc.

Recent TweetsAttractive Subscription Page Visitors are motivated to subscribe with the site before browsing the deals or can skip the subscription process and check the deals available. Admin can set the subscription page as default home page, edit the email template and select the email sender option as per the Admin’s choice.

Attractive Subscription PageMultiple Addresses: Customers The site owner has the option to have multiple addresses for a particular deal. It’s not necessary to use the same address for billing process that is entered while registering in the site. The merchants or the Admin can provide new billing address while adding the deal.

Multiple Addresses: Customers
Featured Deal Among the various deals, one deal can be added as a featured deal per city. Setting the Featured Deals entirely rests on the Admin and he owns the authority to set them manually from backend.
Featured DealFeatured Business Any visitor/Merchant who would like to offer a deal in the site can simply partner by filling a contact form available with appropriate details. The Admin can enable/disable the featured business options in the store.

Featured Business
Image Slide Show For Deals Any number of images can be added while adding a deal and set it on slide show mode along with the sort order of the images so that the images could be displayed in the desired manner of order. The slide show is elegant and more attractive to the customers.