After criticism from companies that their posts were not reaching the users as they should through the news feed, Facebook introduced yesterday a new feature called “Pages Feed”. The complains were not only coming from the companies which wanted to reach the fans they already acquired, but also from Facebook users who wanted to see what the brands are posting on their timelines.

This new feature is showing in a separate tab only recent posts made by pages the user liked. You should be able to see it in your Facebook interface, if not, you can also access it by going to .

One important aspect of this update is that it is not affecting in any way the coverage on the users’ News Feed. It’s giving the user the opportunity to check once in a while what brands are saying in an easier way than before. So, don’t worry, if you had posts which showed up in the News Feed, they will still do.

A natural question would be if they use Edge Rank for this feed. Based on what I see on my Page Feed, the Edge Rank algorithm is not applied to it yet. That means all the updates from your liked pages will appear based on when they have been posted and nothing else.

Does this mean brands will have an increased engagement? Probably not that much, because updates won’t reach the users which are not specifically interested into checking out what the brand pages are saying, they rather wait for it to appear on the News Feed. But we should have faith in the users who complained that they don’t see enough updates from brands, those guys will definitely be more engaged.

I think this is just the beginning for the new Pages Feed, it will be updated and improved in time.

What is your opinion on the new Pages Feed?

by Rudi Gabriel Bedy

Rudi Gabriel Bedy Experienced Online Marketer spiced with Social Media

Rudi Gabriel Bedy
Experienced Online Marketer spiced with Social Media

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