OK everyone … before I posted this I wanted to test it so have been following the 2 day 600 calories (Mon & Tues). Rest of the week you eat whatever you like – already lost 5KGs, which I’m not bothered about but after a rocky start you start to feel so much better. Will post results of the bloods in a week or so and hopefully the cholesterol is coming down too.

Well an update after a couple of months on this.

I have to say the first few weeks are really hard as your body clears itself of the toxins and nasty stuff … but after that real changes begin to happen.

Now I haven’t changed my diet in the least which is great … I can still eat all the things I enjoy and as much of them as I care.

I’m now down to just over 100kg which sounds a lot but then I carry a lot of muscle.  I’ve trained all my live at the gym etc so now I’m enjoying my six pack for the first time in a number of years.

And what is also incredible is the change in energy and stamina.

I started playing touch rugby a few months ago and was awful, I pulled hamstrings and was like an old slow man around the pitch.  Several months into this new fast diet people have honestly made comments lik “what the hell are you on!!!” … and that’s the truth!

I run faster than I ever have for longer. I go mountain biking regularly, proper mountains, not just trails, and I just generally feel good.

My theory is this.  Fat is only insurance … to be used in time of need when you’re going through lean times hunting and gathering.  When you’re belly is full all your resources are busy digesting and storing. To catch food you need to be in top shape so when you’re hungry your resources are all sent to fix and mend.

It all makes sense really and it’s just modern living that’s killing us.  We live longer because of modern medicine … combine that with a healthy immune system and barring earthquakes and tsunamis … you will LIVE LONGER!