At the end of the day, in social media and in business in general, the only goal that counts is converting more customers.

Business evolves. Marketing evolves. The marketplace offers a wide variety of options from more features to better pricing and customer service. It all counts because the prospect is more educated than ever and expects much more than a product delivered to his/her door.

Today, one of the essential elements is how you communicate to them. How you tell your story, how you turn a simple transaction into a relationship, how you take a stand for something, and even your marketing and sales ethics. Display advertising no longer fulfills those needs.

But businesses, including small ones, are learning that the key is in understanding not only who their prospect is but what they want and their behavior as consumers.

This is a great infographic because it can be applied in online marketing but most importantly, in business. It is published by Help Scout, a great tool for help desk management, but I also have to mention my friend Greg Ciotti, who’s behind initiatives like this in the content creation department for the company.

The infographic presents 10 studies in social psychology that can be applied to persuade more customers to consume your products and services.


convert more customers

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