I have been doing some research lately on how to increase Youtube views. Increasing Youtube views is one of the areas of my social networking that I get, and at the same point have not spent enough time to fully develop how to increase Youtube views. I believe it is time to change that, and below are some of my realizations that I have made over the past few months as to how to get additional Youtube views, plus I included a video that I quite enjoyed making.

How To Increase Youtube Views Video

While this takes a more enjoyable view at finding additional Youtube views for your Youtube video, in my mind it is really key to add humor to your Youtube videos.That is one of the 8 methods below that I discuss for how to increase Youtube views.

How To Increase Youtube Views With These 8 Methods

  1. As I stated above, use humor. or at least find a great way to engage with people emotionally. Emotions matter with video as much as information. When it registers with them emotionally they will be more likely to remember the information.
  2. Start adding subscribers. The best way to do this is by subscribing to potential clients, referral partners, and others interested in your future Youtube videos.
  3. Share your Youtube videos across your social network. Make sure that your Facebook friends and Twitter followers know about your Youtube videos. I make sure to always share videos on Twitter as much as humanly possible, because it is a great way to kick-start quality video traffic from your target market.
  4. Put the videos on your blog, so people can go to your Youtube videos from your blog. Ahem! Check out my video on Youtube! Ahem!
  5. Have a group of people who can share your Youtube videos and like them. I am part of TSA Mastery, or Tribe Syndication Alliance. The goal on their site is to help members promote each other, and foster closer relationships between the members. It is really great for promoting your Youtube videos. I will be discussing TSA more in an upcoming post. Update: Another Tribe which is better for promoting blog posts, however, works great with video blogs is Triberr.
  6. Pay for traffic. Youtube is owned by Google, so you know that you can always do PPC ads to attract visitors to your videos. This is not the first tactic I would use, but keep it in mind if you are looking for large traffic numbers.
  7. Pray to the gods of viral! I mean make your video good enough that it can go viral from person to person. Check out other videos that have gone viral for ideas on what you can do. Then adapt your video, so it is not the same as the ones that came before. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but without taking additional steps will get you nowhere in internet marketing.
  8. SEO for Youtube is definitely nice. Every year Youtube gets better at taking the words and sounds that are in your video, so they can convert them into text. The reason this is important to you, is that you have to be cognizant of the fact that your video should be easy to find using keyword research on the site, or even on Google.

So, now that I have done the research it is time for both you and me to put this into action. Go to Youtube, subscribe to me, and I will subscribe to you. Then let’s both create awesome videos that will turn heads. That is how to increase Youtube views.

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Author Andy Nathan