Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Social Networking

1. If you aren’t your competitors probably are
2. The longer you leave it the longer it will take to build your online presence using it
3. It is now as important as your electricity and phone bill, without these tools your business would not be able to grow
4. 86% of households now have access to Broadband internet, and this internet will get faster
5. 800 million people are on Facebook, 56% Female and 44% Male
6. Most people will search Google, Yahoo or Bing for a solution to their problem or query rather than search the Yellow pages
7. Only 14% of Online shoppers trust advertisements, but 90% trust peer recommended content – social media marketing is better than ‘word of mouth’, it’s ‘world of mouth’!
8. “You can’t sell a secret” but your friends can via their friends via their friends via their friends…
9. You will make more connections be it personal or business related, people can easily save your details if they need your product or service in the future. You “will inevitably make more money”
10. It’s the best, cheapest marketing investment you’ll ever make for your business

Top 10 Excuses

1. I don’t have the time to do it
Answer: We can do it for you

2. We can’t afford it right now
Answer: If you want to grow or be in business still in 5 years, “YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!” the longer you leave it the further your competition could get ahead of you

3. We are downsizing due to a lack of work or I may be shutting down the business soon to work from home
Answer: Then you “MUST” upsize your online presence regardless and Social Media Marketing should be a big part of this

4. I have many larger competitors in my Industry, how could my business possibly keep up online?
Answer: The internet gives you a level playing field, your competitors may outrank you in size and resources but with our help you have the ability to compete if not outrank them online, also many of the larger companies do not see the need for social media marketing or they simply outsource it to companies like us.

5. We have a website already
Answer: It’s no longer just about a website, a website generally just exists online tucked away in its own little corner, we build our clients a huge online presence, not just websites and we work with you to get targeted traffic visiting your online existence

6. I build my own FREE websites
Answer: Google has strict guidelines, the layout and the way the site is built is the most important thing for Google to read your site and rank it well. Hackers easily hijack free sites and email addresses and use them to spam people around the world without you knowing! (I could go on and on…)

7. What makes gauk Media better than our existing or any other web-developer

Answer: Many reasons
a) 99% of web-developers are just that, web developers, they have little and/or out-dated knowledge about online marketing and SEO, let alone social media marketing. We are online presence specialists
b) We have our finger on the pulse of Social Media Marketing, we know when Google and Social media networks make changes and we learn what is needed to keep up
c) We can build websites and all of your Social Media Marketing accounts, set them up, get them working for you and then hand you the reigns when you’re ready
d) We offer online video tutorials to teach you how to update and or add your own content to your website, online shop etc…, saving you money, unlike 99.9% of web development companies
e) We practice what we preach!, we are the Directors of gauk Media and have a HUGE online presence that results in sales all over the world, Alaska, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Columbia, Niue, to name a few. We get requests from people all over the world to distribute our products or become affiliate marketers of our products.