Research shows that just 20% of a website’s content consistently brings in traffic. That means that 80% of your existing content is essentially waste!

An 80% wastage rate is very high, especially if it can be avoided. So how do we get wastage down? Even to just 60% would by definition double your existing traffic.

  • There are three key steps to getting your content to generate more traffic:
    Improve your site’s Strength and Authority – Your site needs to be structured so that it can be successfully “spidered” (Wiki) by search engines. It also needs to be an authority so that it attracts other quality and relevant sites linking to yours. To be an authority, you need to publish new content regularly, to attract more links from other quality sites and… more traffic.
  • Develop a Sound Content Strategy – You absolutely must know your audience, topic areas and design metrics, in order to measure your content.
  • Publish High-Quality Original Content – Good content grows your following and makes you an authority. This is extremely important.

Remember… “Content Is King”

Supercharge with WebDog

There is no quick solution to increasing your web traffic overnight. You need to get the foundations to your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) right – good URL structure, sound (keyword) tagging strategy, solid site architecture. And then you need to research more to support your content efforts and provide you with fresh and original material.

If you’re not sure about what sort of content will work for you, aside from Google Analytics, there are specialists like that take existing data and repackage it in much more user-friendly ways.