One of the biggest complaints that people had about Facebook after its last update was the layout. I mean – I can’t remember anyone having anything positive to say about the timeline (except for those of us who make a living doing social media – and we had to find something positive to say!).

So while everyone is both hoping for and dreading the next Facebook layout change (whenever it happens, probably when we least expect it), I’d love to tell you about a clever way of “opting out” of Facebook’s layouts all together – and maybe even getting better re-pin traffic in the process.  Who wouldn’t love that, right? Got a clever little Pinterest app for Facebook to tell you about!

How a Pinterest Style App is changing the Face of Facebook

Have you checked out Pinvolve yet?  Pinvolve is a Facebook app.  What it does is pretty darn clever! It creates a new section on a Facebook page that displays all photos on a Pinterest-style pinboard.  At the same time, it still shows all of the Facebook generated likes and comments for each post.

When you use Pinvolve, the photos on your wall are laid out in a display like Pinterest’s. If you repin a picture, that information is forwarded to Pinterest and is reflected in that graphic’s repin stats

Basically, this allows you enjoy the benefits of Pinterest’s popularity (and arguably better design) to put while you’re still leveraging the larger (for now) user base of Facebook.

And – get this!  Early reports from some brands are suggesting a 150% increase in repins for those using Pinvolve as a result!  That is HUGE!

Maybe it’s the fact that the Pinvolve app seems to bypass Facebook ads allowing for an experience that feels valuable again. Maybe it’s just that we really like the Pinterest format and display. Whatever it is, the takeaway lesson for anyone seeking to maximize return on investment in social media is this:

Pictures Matter. A lot. And how they’re displayed appears to matter too, perhaps more than the Facebook team realized.

How might switching to Pinvolve put a better face forward for your business?  Leave a comment below – I’d love to hear from you.


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