The biggest complaint we hear is from people who have purchased their sexy new site is that they have to go to the developer every time they need something changing which always results in a fat little invoice.

To avoid this developers have started building content management systems (CMS), which allows the user to go in and edit various aspects.

A developer once said that programming a website is like creating a painting, there are many ways to draw a tree.  Some are good, some bad.

A fantastic example of this is the website  It’s part of the WebDog portfolio and is the UK’s no1 auction search engine.  Over the years it’s been programmed several times costing some $400k. 

The issue is the architecture, by the time an update is finished it’s out of date and the world has moved on.  It’s the same with CMS.

Recently Google announced a major new update in that it gave much higher ranking to websites that are ‘mobile friendly’. To react to this change is extremely difficult as the fundamental framework has to change.  Developers get round this by adding plug ins or add ons or get to work rebuilding the CMS.

The issue is that as soon as the rebuild is complete there’s another major shift the developer will need to react to.

Then there is another issue with using a developer’s CMS in that they will not let you move from their system.  If you are not happy sure they’ll give you the content (it’s yours) but the CMS is theirs! You don’t get to move your website.

So what’s the difference with WordPress?

WP has been around for a number of years and began life as a blogging platform.  It’s open source, which in laymen’s terms means it’s open to any competent programmer who wants to work on it.  it’s a community venture.

The upshot is that at any one time there are literally hundreds of people donating their time and expertise in developing it. There are then hundreds more developers creating add ons and plug ins, then yet thousands more web designers creating stunning themes, the visual elements WP is renowned for.

WP now powers an estimated one sixth of the world’s websites.  Because of its unique history WP is the world’s leading CMS and commercial systems created by web agencies simply can’t compete.

WebDog are experts at creating WP website and it is now their system of choice.  So much so that they are now moving all their sites over including the auction search engine that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The only downside to running a WP site is that it does take a little technical expertise to set up and update So WebDog have created a single management system that takes care of it all allowing a world-class WordPress website to be built from scratch in a couple of days. 

And the best part is that because its a WP site, it’s the very best solution for most applications. They even come with all the security and expandability you need from shopping carts to newsletter plug ins. And even search engine tools that developers charge a king’s ransom for!

WebDog uses WP and if you want a website we strongly suggest you check it out and take a look at how WebDog cal help…